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10 For the Next 10 in OKC

It was an open call: Find 10 people who will change Oklahoma City in the next 10 years.

When we met as an editorial staff, we set those qualifications – and those alone – for who to feature in both this inaugural issue and inaugural list of who will help shape the direction of Oklahoma City.

We hashed out what that meant to us: We wanted to select 405’s brightest leaders who had clear visions for both their industry and their city. Transplant or native, they had to love their city and be rooting for it to grow and succeed. But they also couldn’t live and work here with blinders on: They had to be educated in the problems the city faces and would face, and they had to be solution-oriented in their approach to solve them.

Our selections are as diverse as the population of Oklahoma City, and they come from a cross section of private companies and governmental leadership. Both rising in their careers and leading in their fields with decades of experience, these 10 represent a lot of forward thinking about where Oklahoma City could – and with their leadership will – be in 10 years.

Mayor David Holt

T.W. Shannon

Vince Lombardo

Dr. Julie Watson

James Spann

Geoff Camp

Rachel Cope

Nikki Nice

Danny Maloney

Craig Shimasaki

Of course, more than these 10 will cause radical change in the next 10 years across Oklahoma City. And we’ll get to them too; don’t you worry.

But, after getting to know these superstars, we confidently present to you 10 people you need to know. We can’t wait to see how these 10 people will change Oklahoma City in the next 10 years.

We’ll see you in 2031 to see if we were right. 

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