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Alex Semikopenko’s Sony FX6

The Prairie Surf Media director of photography and editor discusses his workplace tool must-have. For him, it’s the Sony FX6 – using it for interview shots, a main camera for a two-camera set up or when he knows he needs to get good footage.

Alex Semikopenko grew up in Russia, coming to the United States to attend the University of Oklahoma after a stint at a German high school. Before graduation last spring, he became an intern for Prairie Surf Media, working himself into a post-graduation, full-time job. His love of Sony cameras started with his dad, so he said he’s been partial to Sonys since he began working with cameras. Prairie Surf uses the Sony FX6 with Sigma Cine Prime 85mm T1.5 for a lot of documentaries and local business video shoots, and he said he sees a lot of younger videographers choosing Sony over other brands.

“The trend is that the younger generation uses Sony,” he said. “The older generation is Nikon, and now you’ll see a lot of younger people rocking Sony cameras.”

He works to keep up with technology, something that changes rapidly in industries like film.

“I kind of personally find myself to be tech savvy, so I try to follow the trends with technology these days,” he said. “It’s really easy to fall behind, and I’m trying to stay on top of it and bring it into our workflow as much as possible.”

Semikopenko said the Sony FX6 with Sigma Cine Prime 85mm T1.5 comes with a lot of functionality and high-quality picture. “It’s really subjective and personal, but I just really like how the colors come out of the Sony cameras,” he said. “It gives you a lot of flexibility in post.”

Photo by Charlie Neuenschwander

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