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Back to My Roots Owner Creates Conversations Around Culture Through Fashion

Lekeytha Dukes created her clothing line in 2013 to celebrate generational cultural heritage, and her store of the same name is intentionally involved in the community.

The owner of Back to My Roots Clothing, Lekeytha Dukes, began a journey of self-exploration in order to create her own clothing brand, which she established in 2013.

The unisex store celebrates culture and history through fashion by providing funky pieces with bold catchphrases. Designed to reconnect men, women and children to their personal origin and culture, Back to My Roots has since expanded from a T-shirt business to a full-scale closet experience.

“I was evolving on a new hair journey during a pivotal moment in my life,” Dukes said. “I wanted to celebrate this change as it inspired my creative side, but I had no idea just how life-changing it would be when I officially launched Back To My Roots.”
Dukes said she explores generations of cultural heritage within her brand to provide a sense of unity and belonging to her customers.

“Back to My Roots embraces different expressions of culture by celebrating and participating,” Dukes said. “Our clothing uses different designs to align with several aspects of culture, and we participate by partnering with community outreach organizations. Each local event serves as a part of an ongoing love letter and commitment to culture in Oklahoma City.”

With seasonal fashion shows, organized 5K races, wellness initiatives, food drives and pop-up shops, Dukes said she is determined to stay connected and bolster the diverse cultures of her community. Back to My Roots Clothing gives individuals a version of wearable pride within their culture by creating clothing and accessories connected to a set of values and personal history, she said.

“Back to My Roots is eye-catching, recognizable, current and enduring,” Dukes said. “I am creating a brand that people can align with culture, beauty and positivity. Those messages are reflected in the various texts of my shirts. Words of encouragement, such as ‘Be Nice To Your Life’ and ‘My Tribe Is A Vibe’ are printed across our chests to remind everyone we encounter that there is value found equally in the wearer and the brand.”

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