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Boiling Point Media, Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board To Provide Internships

The media company will offer a six-week program, funded by the state, to provide visual effects experience.

Boiling Point is partnering with the Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board to provide paid internships in animation and visual effects experience.

The six-week program, funded by the state, will provide education and practical experience through the internship to help build Oklahoma’s workforce.  

“Through this internship program, we offer expert-level training for job seekers, cultivating a stronger workforce for Oklahoma’s expanding film industry,” said Emily Taylor, owner and operator of Boiling Point. “Some of our current team members came through the program.”

 Boiling Point has two people currently in the program. Interns learn critical skills such as working within a visual effects pipeline, communicating with a team and polishing individual visual effects and animation skills. 

 “By fostering local talent, we can compete with traditional film-focused states like California and Georgia,” said Ryan Bellgardt, owner and director of Boiling Point. “Expanding the Oklahoma film industry inspires grads to stay in-state and build their careers here, which will draw even more productions.”

If successful, participants may join Boiling Point’s on-the-job training program to become full-time employees.

 “With the training and experience from the Boiling Point programs, I have been able to build skills critical to the film industry,” said Sheyenne Cannon. “Programs like this develop film industry professionals right here in Oklahoma.”

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