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Boiling Point Trilogy To Receive Oklahoma’s Multifilm Rebate

The film studio will use its LED Virtual Production Studio to combine virtual sets and live action in Jurassic Pet 3: Return to the Wild. This is the first feature-length film trilogy to secure Oklahoma’s multifilm rebate offered by the Filmed in Oklahoma Act.

Boiling Point Media secured Oklahoma’s multifilm rebate through the Film in Oklahoma Act for the third film in a trilogy, The Adventures of Jurassic Pet 3: Return to the Wild.

The movie will be shot in El Reno, Oklahoma City and Boiling Point’s studios with an all-Oklahoma crew. Emmy Award winners Chris Hoyt and Ryan Bellgardt wrote and directed the film.

Two of the films have already been completed with the third currently in production. The series will make each film eligible for a 5% enhancement of each rebate. The percentage of the state tax rebate increases for each film in a series shot in Oklahoma, but the productions must be completed within five years. Boiling Point Media plans to have this completed within two years.  

“The film industry is thriving,” said Ryan Bellgardt, owner and director of Boiling Point. “It has allowed Boiling Point to become a leader in technology in film as well as further invest in Oklahomans. We are excited to bring the world of Jurassic Pet back to life in Oklahoma, where we have an exceptional pool of talent. In fact, the entire crew for this movie will be local.” 

Jurassic Pet 3 will use Boiling Point’s LED Virtual Production Studio to blend virtual sets and special effects into live-action shots.

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