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Boiling Point Unveils LED Virtual Film Production Studio in Oklahoma City

The ‘game-changing’ LED Virtual Production Studio technology allows filmmakers to utilize special effects in real time.

Boiling Point recently unveiled its new LED Virtual Production Studio in Oklahoma City.

The state-of-the-art studio blends virtual sets and special effects into live-action shots, which transforms the production of films, TV shows and commercials.

“This game-changing technology allows for special effects to be created and integrated in real time,” said Ryan Bellgardt, owner and director of Boiling Point. “We are excited to make our LED Virtual Production Studio accessible to a wider range of productions.”

The studio uses live virtual camera trackers, allowing for dynamic movement and seamless integration of actors and virtual environments. The studio projects special effects and backgrounds onto a LED wall during filming. Rather than a blank green screen, actors can see virtual elements, and directors can provide a more immersive view.

“With a green screen, an actor sits in a driver’s seat during a car chase and has to imagine the scene around them,” Bellgardt said. “In our LED virtual production studio, the actor experiences the landscape racing by, and the special effects of the car crash they have to dodge.”

Unreal Engine, developed for video games, enables Boiling Point to render graphics in real time and reduces the timeline for post-production. Traditional special effects and green screen technology can be time-consuming and expensive.

“This studio sets itself apart from others due to its integration of the LED wall with Boiling Point’s animation expertise,” said longtime Oklahoma film director Lance McDaniel. “Making this combination accessible to independent filmmakers is a huge boost to Oklahoma’s film industry.”

Bellgardt said the LED virtual production studio builds upon recent progress made with Oklahoma’s film incentives.

“Boiling Point has been serving the film and TV communities for more than 10 years,” he said. “This is another investment to showcase what Oklahoma City has to offer.”  

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