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Chickasaw Nation Makes Anchor Investment in Private Capital Investment Firm

The Chickasaw Nation recently made an investment in a newly formed private investment firm, Good Springs Capital.

The Chickasaw Nation recently made an anchor investment in a newly formed private investment firm, Good Springs Capital.

The new firm will focus on investing in profitable founder and entrepreneur-led companies with high potential for continued growth. 

The move is a progression in the Chickasaw Nation’s work in developing gaming, hospitality and healthcare business enterprises over many decades. The investment in Good Springs Capital represents the next step in the Chickasaw Nation’s investment capabilities by creating new revenue opportunities to develop and expand programs and services that benefit Chickasaw citizens and the broader community.

“The success of our Chickasaw Nation Department of Commerce in gaming, hospitality, healthcare, real estate and manufacturing has transformed our tribal economy,” said Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby. “This transformation has resulted in meaningful and impactful investments in education, health, housing and cultural revitalization, and created thousands of jobs and expanded opportunities for Chickasaw citizens. These successes have led to the partnership with the accomplished team from Good Springs Capital. Good Springs Capital will offer the management expertise and financial resources company founders and entrepreneurs need to take their businesses to the next level.”

Managing partners David Van Geyzel and Udi Toledano, the former president & CEO and chairman, respectively, of Alleghany Capital, lead Good Springs Capital.  Alleghany Capital, which owned a diversified portfolio of eight industrial, services and consumer companies, was the private investment arm of publicly-traded Alleghany Corporation before Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway acquired it in October 2022.

“The timing is ideal for expanding our diversification efforts and capabilities,” said Dan Boren, secretary of commerce for the Chickasaw Nation. “David and Udi’s strategy of investing in well-managed growth companies complements our investment approach. Furthermore, Udi and David share our investment principles and philosophies and operate with integrity and a long-term view. With their experience and the Nation’s support, we believe the investment in Good Springs Capital will be a key component of our sound diversification strategy.”

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