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Citizen Potawatomi Nation Opens Tribal-Owned Manufacturing Facility

CPN will launch production of high-density polyethylene piping at its new Tribal-owned manufacturing facility, Sovereign Pipe Technologies.

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation recently opened a Tribal-owned manufacturing facility, Sovereign Pipe Technologies, and will produce high-density polyethylene piping. 

Sovereign Pipe Technologies will specialize in manufacturing the piping for several industries, including oil and gas, municipal and sewer, industrial, mining, geothermal and telecommunications.

The new 45,000-square-foot plant will begin production in the next 60 days, creating 45 new local jobs.

“Our employees have the chance to be a part of something new and original,” said Ronnie Wear, Sovereign Pipe Technologies’ chief executive officer and general manager. “The Tribe’s innovative thinking is making business more accessible in Oklahoma, and we look forward to leaning into this exciting endeavor.”

SPT is the first business located in the Tribe’s 700-acre industrial park, Iron Horse.  With the park’s central location, SPT has direct access to both railways and highway systems, making it easier to do domestic and international business. 

“CPN continues to diversify the local economy and create well-paying jobs,” said James Collard, Ph.D., CPN’s director of economic development. “We hope the success of SPT will demonstrate the unique offerings of the Iron Horse Industrial Park and attract other tenants.” 

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