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Engineering to Meet the Need

Spiers New Technology, named one of GM’s Suppliers of the Year, drives internal innovation through creation of industry-specific tools, like its Battery Cycler and Compression Fixture.

Spiers New Technology, an industry leader in advanced battery pack refurbishment, has seen tremendous growth during the eight years since its inception. The startup jumped from 90 to 500 employees last year alone and now has five locations strategically placed throughout the United States and expanding into the United Kingdom.

To sustain that kind of growth, Spiers engineers products to facilitate its ability to determine the quality of used battery packs, specifically in hybrid and electric cars.

“We are refurbishing the battery cores that come in,” said Connor Taylor, Spiers electronics lab engineering manager. “It’s very advantageous for the industry because supply is so constrained.”

The Battery Cycler holds 96 battery cores working to determine how well the battery can regulate its charge. The Compression Fixture tests to see if the battery modules are fit for reuse.

“What differentiates us from other production lines is we take known bad parts and make them into good assemblies,” said David Howland, Spiers test stand engineering manager.

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