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Guernsey Earns Award of Excellence for Energy Efficiency

The U.S. Army awarded the engineering firm with the Award of Excellence coin for its studies that could produce a cost avoidance of more than $3 billion during the next 40 years.

The U.S. Army, through Rachel Jacobson, assistant secretary of the Army, awarded Guernsey with the Award of Excellence coin.

Guernsey conducted studies for Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely, both of which are located in Alaska. The review of facility energy systems delivered recommendations that could produce a cost avoidance of more than $3 billion during the next 40 years.

If implemented, Guernsey’s recommendations could be a game-changer to ensure secure, resilient mission energy while also saving money and reducing carbon footprints.

 “The Award of Excellence acknowledgement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Guernsey and its team,” said Ashish Agrawal, senior vice president and director of the Energy and Utility Solutions Group at Guernsey. “We are committed to partnering for the long haul and ensuring we are side-by-side with our DoD partners to find solutions that work for each installation and the complex problems unique to any site. Several of the proposed projects will also benefit the local community by optimizing the locally available energy and reducing the rates utility (companies) charge their customers.”

 The U.S. Army has been exploring ways to enhance its energy efficiency and resilience for some time, releasing the Army’s Climate Strategy initiative in early 2022. Last October, the Army unveiled its Climate Strategy Implementation Plan to respond to threats from climate that affect installation and unit sustainability, mission readiness and resilience.

The Guernsey studies are in direct support of those initiatives.

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