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Guernsey Partners with Feed the Children to Provide for 400 Families

The employee event provided families with food, toys and household needs.

Guernsey recently partnered with Feed the Children during the nonprofit’s No Hunger Holidays campaign. Guernsey held the drive-thru event for 400 families at its Oklahoma City location. The families received a 25-pound box of self-stable food and a 15-pound box of personal care items, books, toys and other items.

“We are fortunate for the opportunity to partner with the wonderful team at Feed the Children to make an impact on so many Oklahomans facing food insecurities this holiday season,” said Guernsey CEO Jared Stigge. “Contributing to the needs of Oklahoma families is a mission that our employees highly believe in and support.”

Feed the Children, a leading nonprofit focused on alleviating childhood hunger, launched the annual No Hunger Holidays campaign in November to deliver much-needed food and essentials to thousands of Oklahoma children. The campaign aims to provide 2 million meals to families this holiday season. Families were preselected by NorthCare and offered vouchers to pick up their goods. Nearly 60 volunteers operated six stations to quickly deliver food, books, toys and other essentials to these Oklahoma families without ever leaving their cars.

“We believe that no child should go to bed hungry, especially during a time full of warmth, love and sharing,” said Travis Arnold, Feed the Children president and CEO. “But the reality is, thousands of children in Oklahoma face this hardship every day. Thanks to our generous partners at Guernsey, we are able to help these families rest a little easier, knowing they don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from this holiday season.”

In Oklahoma County alone, more than 104,000 families live with hunger. As the fifth hungriest state in the nation, one in five Oklahoma children face hunger daily.

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