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Healthcare Innovator of the Year – Martin Bionics

With the creation of Martin Bionics Socket-less Socket technology, the company reinvented the way prosthetics fit for amputees. And the market has reacted: Martin Bionics has seen record sales, month over month, for the last nine months.

In fact, Martin Bionics is up 800 percent in sales compared to last year’s sales, with similar growth numbers projected moving forward.

“It’s not about just replacing a limb and walking again, but rather is about changing quality of life for amputees, so they can live life to the fullest,” said Jay Martin, Martin Bionics founder and president. “Amputees often struggle with discomfort, and negatively impacted quality of life from conventional rigid sockets. Our Socket-less Socket technology eliminates so many of the challenges with wearing a conventional socket, and allows them to live life again, doing things that were long lost with life in a conventional socket.”

Innovation isn’t new to Martin. From 2012-2015, Martin worked with NASA to create iron-man-like exoskeleton suits for space and military applications.

“Since then we’ve continued to innovate and have created a paradigm shift in how prosthetics can be fit — similar to sneakers,” he said. “Martin Bionics is just at the beginning compared to where we will go. We’ll continue to advance our technology and will be introducing tech that will go far beyond where we are today. Martin Bionics will remain as a forefront leader in prosthetic innovations.”

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