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Humphreys Real Estate Income Fund Reopens to Investors

Humphreys Capital, a leading real estate investment company based in Oklahoma City, recently reopened the Humphreys Real Estate Income Fund to accredited investors.

Since its formation in 2012, HREIF has realized significant portfolio growth and diversification across multifamily, industrial, self-storage and convenience retail sectors in high-growth cities across the United States.

 “The past couple of years, investors have endured the wild ride of economic swings and market volatility,” said Grant Humphreys, President of Humphreys Capital. “During this time, we have appreciated the stable growth and performance of a diversified and risk-mitigated real estate portfolio “We’re thankful for the chance to continue to deliver on our investors’ expectations and excited about the opportunity we see to pursue outpaced returns through great properties in strong markets.”

The fund has a portfolio of 69 properties across 14 states, valued at more than $824 million.  The fund will target a 7% cash distribution to be paid monthly. Humphreys Capital anticipates raising $87.6 million in this offering. The minimum initial investment is $500,000 and the offering is available to accredited investors only.

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