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Hundred Magazine Announces First Storytelling Lunch to Highlight Women with ‘Endurance’

Founder of The Treasury, a co-working space, and Hundred Magazine publisher announces this year’s first Storytelling Lunch to bring women leaders together to share stories of endurance.

Hannah Schmitt, founder of The Treasury, a co-working space for women, created Hundred Magazine, a yearly publication that highlights the personal achievements of 100 women.

And now she’s announced this year’s first Storytelling Lunch, which will highlight several of the women featured in the publication and their stories of endurance.

In reading the 100 interviews in Issue 02 of Hundred Magazine, every story is so different,” she said “But consistent themes shine through. A theme I was seeing a lot was endurance. We’ve all endured hardships in life and have a lot to learn from each other about how to get through difficult times. I noticed a handful of women with compelling endurance stories, so I reached out to them to see if they would share those experiences for our first lunch.”

The goal of the Storytelling Lunch series is to remind all women in Oklahoma City that their stories matter, she said. 

“I believe stories are powerful,” she said. “Facts and stats can prove a point, but stories change perspectives. Offering an opportunity for people to hear stories they otherwise wouldn’t seek out can be a powerful catalyst for community change.”

Schmitt started the co-working space, The Treasury, in 2018, to give women a place of their own to work while helping to support them and build community with each other. 

“Statistically, Oklahoma is a notoriously bad place to be a woman,” she said. “For those of us who find ourselves here right now, I think we owe it to each other to invest in resources to make it better. If our city is ever going to be a place women want to be, I think it will start with female leadership being better connected and more intentional in their relationships.”

March 30
Hundred Magazine Storytelling Lunch
Noon-1:30 p.m.
333 W Sheridan Ave., 49th Floor
More information

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