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Industry Player: Boiling Point Media

Boiling Point Media
Film production agency

Ryan Bellgardt’s first film was Army of Frankensteins in 2013 about time traveling back to the Civil War and finding, you guessed it, an army of Frankensteins.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “But it was something we did as a labor of love and it pushed the right buttons and got the attention of the right people. And that movie ended up being picked up and distributed all over the world. And then from that point, we sort of realized, ‘Oh, there’s a model where you can make low-budget movies, and they can make money.’”

More wonderfully low-budget films followed, like Gremlin, Jurassic Games and Jurassic Pets, among others, all made by his team at Boiling Point Media, where he serves as partner and creative director. With each film, Boiling Point Media gained expertise and notoriety in smaller budget films – and a reputation for the ability to produce some CGI dinosaurs and other creatures. 

“We focused on making projects that were ready-made little sales movies that can go be sold all over the world,” he said. “Jurassic Games, which was pretty popular. And it’s not just popular like here, it’s popular like everywhere. And then because of the success of those projects, we started having companies notice us from around the world, and they started hiring us to do their projects.”

The company has now worked about 15 movies, averaging about four or five a year, and have watched projects like Jurassic Pet launched on Disney XD and other films trend highly on other streaming platforms. They’ve carved out a unique space in Oklahoma as a post-production facility known for editing, color and visual effects as well as a filmmaking studio.

Now with more than 20 employees, the company balances its film work with providing full-service advertising and marketing services to corporations. According to Bellgardt, Oklahoma’s future for filmmaking, as well as Boiling Point Media is wide open and set only to grow.

“Like Han Solo says, I can imagine quite a bit,” he said.

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