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Why is innovation important to the growth of business in Oklahoma?

Three business leaders working to drive change and innovation in Oklahoma discuss why innovation is key to future economic growth in Oklahoma.

Katy Boren
Oklahoma City Innovation District President and CEO

There is a proven link between innovation, entrepreneurship and regional economic outcomes. Innovation, R&D expenditures, investments in technology and the development of a qualified workforce are premises for ensuring competitiveness, progress and the diversification of our city’s economy, resulting in sustainable economic growth.

Elizabeth Larios
The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City Project Manager

The desire and ability to be open minded to new ideas is essential for us to be a top state. The key to innovation in Oklahoma is innovators. We need to grow them, encourage them and even recruit them. Business growth will follow innovators. Business leaders do not have to be innovators themselves, but they do have to have the ability to listen and adopt new ideas from their employees. Oklahoma leaders must be open to collaboration with those who challenge the status quo and find ways to innovate processes together. The future Tesla of the world will not need to be recruited to come to Oklahoma, but it can be birthed from Oklahoma. Homegrown innovators creating thriving businesses should be our goal.

Elaine Hamm
Ascend Bioventures Chief Executive Officer

The only way Oklahoma can progress and grow economically and socially is through innovation. Innovation not only results in new inventions and technologies that we all benefit from, but innovation also has the power to be transformative to human development too. Innovation is born from a need to solve a problem and from the frustration from the status quo. And, something I have learned as a scientist and entrepreneur, once you learn how to solve a problem, you learn how to solve other problems — and that is when really exciting and changemaking momentum can build. Upskilling Oklahomans through innovation strengthens our state and Oklahoma’s role in the future.

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