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Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Innovator of the Year – Spiers New Technologies

Dirk Spiers, Spiers New Technologies founder, created the company at the end of 2014 because he knew the need to repair, reuse and recycle battery packs for use in hybrid and electric vehicles was going to exponentially increase in the years to come.

He was right – and the growth of Spiers New Technologies is proof: The company has grown to ten times its 2014 size. Spiers started with an empty warehouse and less than 30,000 square feet in Oklahoma City and has grown into more than 830,000 square feet in Oklahoma, across the United States and Europe. Rapid expansion is planned, with a new facility opening soon in Las Vegas.

The company is Oklahoma grown when it didn’t have to be. Spiers is originally from the Nertherlands, but his director of business development – Tyler Helps — started as an intern the during the company’s infancy, through a program with OCAST. Starting with just a handful of people like Helps, the company now employs almost 500 people.

“When we first started, everyone thought we were crazy,” Helps said. “What we were doing, no one had heard of. We had to go to the customers and go knock on their door. And today, it is reversed. Everyone is coming to us.”

And he means everyone. The company services all the major car manufacturers, and forecasts considerable growth in future years as the automotive industry remakes itself to focus on electric cars.

“I don’t think we’ve ever really even seen such a change in mobility since the Model T came out,” Helps said. “Dirk saw the writing on the wall. He saw the future clearer than most people. Vehicles will become electric. This is a problem that had to be addressed. And he did.”

Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Innovator of the Year Finalists: US Fleet Tracking, Embark OKC

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