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Krystal Yoseph Launches New Konjo Concierge Business

The new business aims to connect Oklahoma City residents and visitors to the lifestyle amenities the city has to offer.

Konjo Concepts owner Krystal Yoseph is starting a new business, Konjo Concierge, geared towards corporate outing planning, holiday break planning or assistance in planning outings in Oklahoma City. 

I created the first draft of this concept in Google Docs in January 2021,” she said. “The timing was paramount; in the juxtaposition of hope for the city to emerge from a pandemic surge and also the managed expectation of what I wanted to do/see/be going into a new year. I wanted to bring people together and be surrounded by people. I wanted to reconnect with familiar spaces. I wanted to see the city in a new light. With my affinity for alliteration in the tailwind of my existing endeavor, I came to realize Konjo Concierge to be a catchall for experiences driven by a common preference for the extraordinary.”

The concierge business is a separate entity from the PR firm she has grown during the last five years, with the goals for the first year to grow partnerships and opportunities.

“I want to serve individuals and corporations, alike, in thinking outside of the box, stepping outside of their usual and encouraging some shenanigans,” she said.

Yoseph said she believes the market is ready for a business like this because people need guidance and encouragement on how to live and enjoy outings and company in a post-pandemic world. 

Overall, I’ve been a business owner for five years now,” she said. “I had two years under my belt when the pandemic hit, and I’m going on year three post. Since 2020, the nagging thing in my mind has been, No. 1, not only how do we — safely — get back out and about, No. 2, are we going to be okay, but also No. 2, what truly constitutes the warm and fuzzies you feel after the most memorable nights in a lifetime?

“With so much that has been lost, and so much solitude in the meantime, how can we intentionally revisit, explore and support OKC in a sustainable manner that also behooves diversity, collaboration and trust of the process?”

Yoseph is quick to clarify Konjo Concierge is not an event planning business but a business to help connect Oklahoma City residents and visitors to the vibrant lifestyle amenities the city has to offer.

“I have such an affinity for OKC, it always blows my mind that, even now, people — residents — say that OKC is boring or they don’t know what to do here,” she said. “I got to thinking about doing my part to ensure, with respect and through all life throws at us, that there’s a mechanism in place for generating concierge-level engagement and reprieve for whenever it’s needed or requested.”

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