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Largest Tribally Owned Bank Is Now Named Sovereign Bank

The country’s largest tribally owned bank, owned by the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, holds assets of more than $800 million.

The country’s largest tribally owned bank recently changed its name to Sovereign Bank. The new identity reflects the bank’s Native ownership and ongoing commitment to innovation.

 Formally known as First National Bank and Trust Co., the bank is owned by the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. With the acquisition of The First State Bank in 2021, the bank’s assets grew to more than $800 million, and bank officials said an overhaul of the brand was needed to redefine the bank’s services and identity.

“We are excited about this new stage in our bank’s life to position us for continued growth and success,” said Sovereign Bank CEO Bryan Cain. “It’s our mission to empower our communities, and we strive to give customers unparalleled personal service.” 

Sovereign Bank will retain the same ownership and management. Other aspects of the brand, such as the logo and tagline, “Freedom to Dream,” were updated to emphasize the bank’s ownership by a Native nation and the abundance of financial resources available.

Additionally, the new logo is a depiction of the Potawatomi medicine wheel, which acknowledges the Tribe’s all-encompassing and united global presence.

 The bank has 10 locations across Oklahoma and has plans to update its mobile offerings and launch a new website in the coming months.

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