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LeadHERBoard founder to work with The Female Roundtable

Founder Shannon Rich’s organization is designed to make it easier to do business with woman-owned and women-led companies.

Michelle Dahl is a Dallas-based former executive and current performance and leadership coach who founded The Female Roundtable, an organization that provides education, resources and coaching to women business leaders and owners.

On November 3, she’s offering a Zoom conference around the topic of finances, and one of the speakers is Oklahoma City’s Shannon L. Rich, founder of LeadHERBoard.

“Michelle heard me telling a personal story about finances on a podcast, and she reached out,” Rich said. “Women defer a lot when it comes to finances – business and personal – and I did it in my own life while managing a $38 million business in my professional life. It’s uncomfortable to say out loud, but revenue creates opportunity.”

Rich founded LeadHERBoard to – in her words – make it easy to do business with woman-owned and women-led companies.

 “We’re at a point now where studies indicate 80% of consumers say they care about who they’re doing business with, so they want to know if the company is Black owned or woman owned, etc.,” she said. “Professional organizations like the Bar Association can’t, for good reasons, release a list of women-owned law firms, so we wanted to create a platform that raises the profile of women business owners and professionals.”

On the LeadHERBoard platform, members are coded as preferred professionals or business owners, making it easy to find everything from doctors to financial planners to entrepreneurs. Currently the platform is the only woman-owned, fully independent one of its kind, and all members are vetted before being added to the directory. Members are not just from Oklahoma City.

“We’re building relationships with women all over, and we’re trying to do it in such a way that we don’t duplicate each others’ efforts while still providing educational content in addition to the directory,” Rich said.

As for her relationship with The Female Roundtable, Rich said she hopes to be able to help wherever her skill set allows.

“I’ve managed balance sheets for hotels and nonprofits, as well as managed multi-million-dollar projects for corporations and nonprofits,” she said. 

More information about LeadHERBoard is available on their website, and details about the Zoom conference – Women, Bold Moves, and Money – can be found here: https://bit.ly/3rGdXq3 

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