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Local Leaders Discuss OKC Over the Next 10 Years

What changes would you like to see in OKC in the next decade?
Three business owners from different industries tell us what they want OKC to look like in 10 years.

Rachel Gruntmeir, Owner of The Black Scintilla 

“Our city has grown so much over the last 5-7 years from everything from the Boathouse District to the growth we’ve seen in the film industry. But it’s still amazing to me that are still so unaware how vibrant and strong our small business community is in OKC. Shopping local puts 81 cents of every dollar back into the community.

If you want to help OKC grow, shop local. It helps build better roads and provide better schools. People don’t realize what their dollar goes – the don’t realize the power they have with their dollar.

But if we can make shopping local more common, that will literally make OKC look differently in the next decade.”

Chaya Pennington, Partner at Kindred Spirits
“As a lifelong resident of northeast OKC, I have watched this city grow into one of fastest growing cities in the country. I love the development of so many districts in the city’s core while I have watched my neighborhood stay the same. I am excited for the changes MAPS 4 will bring to my community and the hope of new developments that are inclusive to the current residents. It is my hope that as our city grows over the next decade that, that growth is representative of how diverse the city actually is.”

Matt Wilson, Managing Partner at Victorum Capital

“Oklahoma City has a bright future.  To maximize our potential, Oklahoma City needs to be creative and innovative with investment in high growth industries like technology, biotech, aerospace, electric transportation, etc. and capitalize on prevailing trends toward remote workforces.”

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