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Mid-Del Technology Center Announces Leadership Institute

Application to MDTC Business Development & Training Center program is open through Nov. 17.

The Mid-Del Technology Center Business Development & Training Center is launching its Leadership Institute to train supervisors in seven training sessions starting in December and running through February 2023. 

The program is designed for business leaders across the metro, and the cost is $495 per applicant. However, MDTC received grant money to subsidize tuition costs for new supervisors of a Midwest City business or Midwest City residents at the rate of $75 per applicant instead.

The Leadership Institute will focus on the challenges of transitioning to a leadership role, helping participants develop the tools needed to lead different personality types, learn to delegate, coach, provide feedback, mentor, manage conflict, set clear goals for themselves and their direct reports. And for new supervisors or soon-to-promote employees, the training sessions will address critical topics, ease anxiety and stress from increased challenges and demands of a new promotion.

The Midwest City Community Improvement Grant Program funds, in part, the Leadership Institute.

Applications are open through Nov. 16. To apply, visit www.middeltech.com.

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