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My Daily Media Diet

Amy Blackburn serves as the division director in marketing and communications for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, and she makes her case for why we need to subscribe to her department’s newsletter as well as why Paul Simon should still be on shuffle.

Where do you get your news first?

Twitter. I make sure to follow legitimate reporters and media outlets, and that’s typically where I can find the most up-to-date information. It is important that I start my day feeling fully informed, and Twitter does that best for me.

What app do you open first in the morning?

Email. Email is the first line of communication with my team and stakeholders. I like starting my day knowing that I’m totally on top of what’s going on so I can make a plan for the day that’s efficient and tackle only the most important things.

What newsletter always gets clicked open?

Oklahoma Department of Commerce New Pioneer. I’m a little biased on this one since my team produces the New Pioneer, but I like seeing what’s going on in the Oklahoma business landscape and identifying ways that the Oklahoma Department of Commerce can best serve our existing businesses.

What podcast do we need to be listening to?

Lewis Howes School of Greatness. The School of Greatness is a podcast that includes guests that help listeners be their best selves. From physical health to emotional and mental health, you can learn tips and tricks to really improve your well-being.

What social accounts should we be following?

Shawn Ashley @QuorumCallShawn. Shawn posts an early morning tweet thread each day that sums up what’s going on at the Capitol. It’s incredibly useful for what I do each day. Each morning, Shawn tweets out a recap of what’s happening in government from the day before. The thread usually hits around 5 a.m., and it helps me stay informed on the happenings in state government.

What music should we add to our playlist right now?

When I’m feeling down, “You can call me Al” by Paul Simon always cheers me up.

What books are making you think?

Meta Human by Deepak Chopra. This book is about finding your highest self and unleashing your highest potential. I always am in the pursuit of learning and improving, and this book offers an interesting take on both. I found it through Amazon recommendations.

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