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National Firm Acquires Oklahoma-based Evans Enterprises, Inc.

The electromechanical service provider is a fourth generation, family-owned company with 70 years in business based in Norman. 

Integrated Power Services recently acquired Evans Enterprises, Inc, a fourth generation, family-owned company with 70 years in business. The electromechanical, power management and rotating equipment service provider is based in Norman. 

“We’re proud to carry our 70 years of expertise as an industry leader forward as part of IPS’s vision and long-term strategy,” said Evan Thrash, president of Evans Enterprises, Inc. “Infinity Capital was critical to this transaction, ensuring that the family, employees and legacy of the company would all be in good hands going forward.” 

Infinity Capital Partners advised Evans through the acquisition by Integrated Power Services out of numerous prospective suitors.

“Evans Enterprises, Inc. established itself as an industry leader through four generations of family ownership,” said Christopher Lee, managing partner at Infinity Capital Partners. “We were honored to advise them through this transition as we built a very close relationship with the family during 2022. We are confident that the ongoing partnership will be fruitful as they become part of IPS’s single-source solutions provider.”

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