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Oklahoma-Based Bee Healthy Opens 10th Location in Downtown Oklahoma City

The health-centered fast casual restaurant started in Oklahoma City and has expanded across the metro.

Bee Healthy Cafe, a health-centered cafe based in Oklahoma, expanded to its 10th location in downtown Oklahoma City. The newest location opened Nov. 16. 

“Being able to see something so life-changing for us gain momentum on this scale is truly a privilege for my wife and I,” said founder Amir Alavi. “When we started Bee Healthy Cafe back in 2007, we started it with the simple vision of providing people with an easy way to be healthy. As we look at what we’ve been able to build since then, we’re proud to say that not only have we accomplished our vision of providing people with an easy healthy alternative, but we’ve also been able to build a community revolving around that vision as well.”

Alavi founded the restaurant when his wife, Cindy, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The couple educated themselves and consulted experts to uncover three important lifestyle aspects that are essential to Cindy’s health and the foundation of Bee Healthy Cafe: reduced stress, fitness and a healthy diet.

Bee Healthy Cafe changed from sole ownership to a franchising business model in 2021 to offer others a stake in the company.

“Fostering a healthy community has always been a goal of the leadership team at Bee Healthy Cafe,” said chief executive Cody Pepper. “Our franchising model has been a great success because of the simple values which separate Bee Healthy Cafe from everywhere else. It starts with a health-conscious focus. When you put a group of people together who are passionate about sharing and growing this vision for a health-focused cafe as we have, you see success because of the care and pride that went into each location.” 

The 10th location of Bee Healthy Cafe is at 204 North Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City.

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