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Oklahoma City-based Infinity Capital Passes $1 Billion in Completed Transactions

The investment bank brings in more than $800 million in capital to Oklahoma and impacts 2,100 Oklahoma jobs.

Infinity Capital Partners recently surpassed $1 billion in completed transactions since its founding in 2016, with more than $800 million of the capital involved in Infinity’s closed transactions sourced from out-of-state and invested in Oklahoma-owned businesses, impacting more than 2,100 Oklahoma jobs.

 “Our local business landscape has always been strong, with much of the foundation built from the contributions of family-owned and founder-led businesses like our clients,” said Chris Lee, managing partner of Infinity Capital Partners. “We’re proud to serve local business owners as they look to the future of their company and how it can continue to make an impact on our state.”

 Infinity Capital Partners was established in 2016, the first full-service investment bank in the Oklahoma City metro area helping owners execute the sale of their business. Since its founding, Infinity Capital has closed more than 30 transactions across a variety of industries, including the notable sale of Dippin’ Dots to J&J Snack Foods Corp. for $222 million in May 2022.

 “Since I’ve been through numerous transactions throughout my career, it has become very clear to me that nuances and details can make or break a deal,” said Mark Fischer, chairman and majority owner of Dippin’ Dots. “Infinity’s experience and special attention to this deal minutiae, in our case, was particularly beneficial, as it helped us maintain our leverage throughout the negotiations and obtain the maximum price possible.”

 From its onset, Infinity has primarily focused on helping family-owned and founder-led businesses through the complex process of selling, either to the next generation or a third party. The company’s most recent transaction — Evans Enterprises, Inc. being sold to Integrated Power Services — highlights how powerful an advocate and partner through the process Infinity can be for founders.

 ”We are grateful for the work Infinity provided — they opened our eyes to numerous scenarios and possibilities and provided raw and honest feedback, all while keeping our best interests as their top priority,” said Syndy Thrash, a second-generation business owner and former chairman of the board of Evans Enterprises.

 Although helping local business owners was the driving force behind Infinity’s creation, managing partners Chris Lee, Bryan Vahlberg and Evan Grace knew from the onset that investing in the business community and economic development through direct education and knowledge sharing would remain a core focus. Each year, the trio hosts lunch-and-learn events, training seminars and educational sessions, in addition to publishing content to help the Oklahoma business community thrive.

 “Oklahoma is home to world-class businesses that shouldn’t have to rely on big-city investment banks to help them grow and transform,” Grace said. “We understand the needs of our clients locally and continue to fight for their best possible outcome because we care about the strength of our community. When our businesses are strong, so is the economic future of our state.”

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