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Out of Office: Miller

Photos By: Charlie Neuenschwander 

Darin Miller, CEO of Miller, offices with his firm in a building they designed six years ago – the 100,000-square foot St. Anthony Healthplex on North Western Avenue. That way, he said, if clients need to see what the firm can do, they can just walk around and see for themselves.  

“We can show them this is the quality and kind of work we do,” he said. “It’s rewarding to build these types of buildings.” Since starting the firm in 1998, he and his team have completed more than 600 architectural projects, mostly focused on the healthcare industry. However, he said former clients do refer retail and restaurant projects to them, helping make up  a portion of the 30-40 projects the firm completes each year.

Miller’s brother, Matt Miller, is also an architect with the  firm, making the firm a family affair. Below, family mementos  are sprinkled in amongst architectural renderings and product  samples in Matt’s office.

Embossing stamps

Darin and Matt Miller’s mother gave several embossing stamps she found for different holiday gifts through the years.

Drawing of Darin and Matt Miller

Matt Miller drew a sketch of the two brothers as children.

Black and white photos

Photo of Darin and Matt Miller’s grandfather, Kenneth Kamm, who sent the photo to his parents during pilot training during World War II.

Brick and flooring samples

Architectural renderings

Current architectural renderings for ongoing Miller projects.

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