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Paycom Donated $1.3 Million in 2022, Will Increase in 2023

Paycom gave $1.3 million to 380 nonprofits in 33 states, and the HR software company plans to increase donations in 2023. 

Paycom Software Inc. recently announced that the company gave $1.3 million to 380 local and national nonprofits across 33 states and Washington D.C., which was sourced from employee and corporate giving in 2022. At the same time, the HR company also announced its plans to increase charitable efforts in 2023.

“Two of our core values at Paycom are giving and serving,” said Adam Ballard, vice president of marketing at Paycom. “We put those values into action to support some truly outstanding causes in 2022 and look forward to continuing to help our communities moving into the new year.”  

More than $1 million to 364 organizations in 2022 came through the company’s small grants program and the inaugural in-person Philanthropy Fair, an event hosted by Paycom with a variety of nonprofits, which allowed employees to interact, engage with and learn more about different community causes. 

 “It’s fantastic to be supported by Paycom through their donation and their team members’ readiness to serve communities around the globe,” said Christina Beatty, project director at Freedom Center of Oklahoma City, a nonprofit committed to preserving the history and furthering the mission of the civil rights movement in Oklahoma. The nonprofit was a participant at Paycom’s Philanthropy Fair.

 Paycom also supported events and causes important to the cultural landscape in Oklahoma City. Programming not included in the $1.3 million figure included Paycom’s support and involvement in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, the Redbud Classic, the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall and Paycom’s “PC Gives” program, an initiative in which Paycom’s sales members support the communities that host Paycom’s yearly President’s Club event. 

 “We’re so grateful to have compassionate community partners like Paycom that are dedicated to strengthening foster families,” said Katherine Craig, executive director at The Anna’s House Foundation.

 In 2022, employees contributed to 16 different organizations, supporting a variety of organizations meeting basic needs; educational programming; children and youth programming; diversity, equity and inclusion; veterans; and mental health. 

“As we serve the children and families of our nation’s heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, we are grateful for the continued support of caring organizations such as Paycom,” said retired Maj. Gen. Clay Hutmacher, president and CEO of Special Operations Warrior Foundation

 “Paycom’s investment in our mission will help us continue to serve even more young people on their journeys to great futures,” said Teena Belcik, president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County.

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