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Paycom Donates Nearly $300,000 to Local Public School Districts

The donation will go to fund areas like music education, mental wellness, literacy and mentoring programs.

Paycom recently awarded grants to four local public school foundations.

These two-year commitments will provide Edmond, Millwood, Oklahoma City and Putnam City with funds needed to support ongoing and new educational programming specific to each district.

“Partnering with the public schools in the area is an important way Paycom supports our communities,” said Tiffany Gamblin, director of human resources business services at Paycom. “We know the power these programs can have on children and young adults. We’re grateful to play a part in helping tomorrow’s leaders shine.”

Each school district has a unique plan for the donations they received from Paycom. Edmond Public Schools is using the funds to improve mental wellness for students.

“With Paycom’s help, the foundation can continue championing the mental health and behavioral needs of Edmond children, from preschool to high school,” said Deanna Boston, chief executive officer of Edmond Public Schools Foundation.

Millwood Public Schools will enhance its budding marching band program.

“We greatly appreciate this generous donation from Paycom,” said Milo Wilson, president of Millwood Enrichment Foundation. “The funding will help to provide ongoing support for programs at the district and further improve the quality of education in our schools.”

Oklahoma City Public Schools will use Paycom’s donation to increase and enhance literacy access for students across the district.

“Our schools can’t do it alone, and we can’t do our work at the foundation without the help of our community partners. Paycom lives its values, and we sincerely appreciate their leadership and support,” said Mary Mélon-Tully, president and CEO of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation.

Putnam City Public Schools have earmarked the money to bolster its mentoring programs.

“With Paycom’s support, the foundation continues to provide programs and resources to more than 17,000 students and their families that enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students and families of the Putnam City School District, including the award-winning CAST Initiative,” said Alyx Picard, executive director of Putnam City Schools Foundation.

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