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Plant People Celebrates Third Anniversary

The specialty plant store, now solely owned by Christina Carter, will celebrate its third anniversary July 22.

Plant People began three years ago this month, and owner Christina Carter has come far.

“This year is really special, as I’m sure every year will be,” Carter said. “I became sole owner of Plant People last summer. It was challenging, but (I’m) so proud of myself, so thankful to my family, and now couldn’t have a better team of women to help make Plant People what it is today!” 

During those three years, Carter has fallen more in love with her store and her desire to help people care for plants.

“My love and appreciation for plants have definitely grown even more,” she said. “I research a lot about their care, especially unfamiliar plants. My appreciation for the customers and plant community who shop with me continues to grow, and I hope they feel that when they visit. I’ve also been exploring my new passion with preserved moss creating moss wall art! I lose track of time in every sense when I start a new piece. I absolutely love it and hope others do, too, when they see it!”

The store’s anniversary party, July 22 from 5-8 p.m., will feature a gallery wall to display Carter’s new moss art pieces along with tables with moss art.

In the future, Carter will be looking to expand the shop’s hours as well as start workshops, expert speakers, and events for kids.

“I want people to know that Plant People is all about the place to have a therapeutic breath of fresh air,” she said. “I know there is such a thing because I feel it everytime I come to work. Also a place that I hope will be the best part of your day or even week when you visit. Whether it’s just to pop in to say hello or starting your plant journey with us, we want everyone who visits to leave feeling, ‘Oh wow, I love this plant shop!’”

The anniversary party is open to the public.

July 22
5-8 p.m.
Plant People
1212 N. Hudson Ave.

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