Simple Modern, an industry-leading producer of premium drinkware and consumer products, recently announced plans to begin domestic manufacturing for select products in Oklahoma City. The company expects to start manufacturing in the second half of 2022 with the goal of producing one million units of drinkware in year one.

For the first year, the Oklahoma-based company will invest $4-5 million in domestic manufacturing. This initial investment will go toward covering the cost of the facility; purchasing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment; implementing logistics technologies and processes; and providing high-quality, sustainable jobs for Oklahoma residents.

“Our goal at Simple Modern is to make the best products we can while also making a positive, redemptive impact in the world,” said Mike Beckham, co-founder and CEO of Simple Modern. “Despite the challenges that will surely come along the way, the decision to manufacture some of our products domestically is a milestone endeavor for Simple Modern and represents our company’s innovative spirit, growth mindset and commitment to the Oklahoma City community.”

On Mon., Jan. 31, 2022, Beckham announced on Twitter that the company began a 5-year lease on a 175,000-square-foot manufacturing facility located in Oklahoma City.  Of that, 150,000 square feet of the new facility will go toward manufacturing and warehouse space, and the remaining 25,000 square feet will serve as offices and meeting rooms. 

Simple Modern’s decision to shift some of its production to the United States falls against the backdrop of global supply chain disruptions and economic issues related to the pandemic. Product shortages, chaos at the ports, and the potential for inflation and rising prices are major concerns across the supply chain.

Simple Modern is a category leader for retail partners Amazon, Target and Sam’s Club, and the brand will launch in Walmart stores nationwide in spring 2022. With the ability to manufacture more products domestically, Beckham said Simple Modern will be better positioned to serve their retail partners and maintain affordable prices for customers.

“At Simple Modern, we are constantly asking how we can better serve our customers, which is why we are making the financial investment to start domestic manufacturing right here in Oklahoma,” Beckham said. “Domestic manufacturing will not only reduce production delays and surging shipping rates for our company, but it will also help curb the effects of inflation and allow us to continue offering our customers high-quality, premium products at an affordable price.”