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Technology Innovator of the Year 2023 – Lumata Health

Lumata Health is pushing innovative technologies forward to help end preventable blindness through $2 million in National Institute of Health funding during the last three years and a $4 million Series A funding round in 2022.

Interview with Matt Wills, Lumata Health co-founder and president.

How are you working to end preventable blindness in Oklahoma?

Did you know that more than 90% of vision loss caused by chronic eye conditions can actually be prevented? It’s a staggering statistic, but unfortunately, these conditions continue to be leading causes of blindness in the United States and around the world. One of the main reasons for this is the patients’ lack of adherence to recommended care. To address this large, rapidly growing problem, our highly-trained clinical staff are empowered with data-driven insights from over 500,000 unique patient records, custom technology and behavioral science tools that optimize the care management process.

Why is it important to focus on this particular problem now?

Vision loss from chronic eye conditions is expected to continue its rapid increase as the population ages, outpacing the capacity of eye care providers to offer the continuous support and daily management these diseases require. There are 93 million adults in the United States at risk for leading causes of blindness today.

Preventing blindness from chronic eye conditions is of utmost importance due to the profound impact it has on individuals, their families and society as a whole. Vision loss not only affects a person’s ability to perform daily activities but also significantly impacts their overall quality of life and independence. It can limit educational and employment opportunities, hinder social interactions and contribute to feelings of isolation and depression.


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