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The Front Door to Oklahoma City

Mayor David Holt, Oklahoma City’s 36th mayor, who was just re-elected to his second term this year, likes to think of his office as the front door for Oklahoma City’s most important visitors. He said he averages about 10-15 guests in his office each week, which was remodeled two months after he took office in 2018.

On the wall behind his desk hangs a five-by-eight-foot massive painting, “Grand Buffalo.” Holt commissioned the piece from D.G. Smalling, an Oklahoma and Choctaw artist. “This is the first time, to my knowledge, of any Native American artist hanging artwork in the Mayor’s office. I just thought with 39 Native American tribes with their homes in Oklahoma, we should have something representative in this office.”

Leaders from cities across the nation have given Mayor Holt Challenge Coins from their various cities. Photo by Charlie Neuenschwander.
Holt said his windowsill of awards accumulated by happenstance, just collecting over time. Now, he’s accumulated so many in the windowsill that he can’t shut the shutters without removing them. Photo by Charlie Neuenschwander.
Photo by Charlie Neuenschwander.
Photo by Charlie Neuenschwander.

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