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The Oklahoma City Community Foundation Awards More Than $6.1 Million in Grants

Through the Arnall Community Funds, the OCCF granted $5 million to the Homeless Alliance and $1.1 million to The Education and Employment Ministry.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation, through the Arnall Community Funds, recently awarded a $5 million grant to the Homeless Alliance to support operations of a new low-barrier night shelter and $1,132,739 to The Education and Employment Ministry to fund operations for TEEM’s Pretrial Release Program.

 “The Homeless Alliance and TEEM are both innovative organizations and leaders in our community who are dedicated to addressing gaps in services and solving tough problems at a systemic level,” said Sue Ann Arnall, president and founder of the Arnall Family Foundation. “These grants will help them expand services and successful programs that are proven to be effective and will create a lasting impact for the individuals they serve and throughout our community.”

  The grant awarded to the Homeless Alliance will expand an existing endowment established in 2021 through grants totaling more than $5 million from the Arnall Family Foundation. Nearly doubling this endowment will ensure that sustainable funding is available to operate a low-barrier shelter that is currently in planning and construction. This facility will serve as a year-round shelter and resource facility for our unhoused neighbors.

 “The needs of the people we serve are constantly changing, so our services must adapt to meet these needs when and where they happen,” said Dan Straughan, executive director of the Homeless Alliance. “It’s essential we remove barriers so people feel safe and accepted when they seek shelter. Once they do, their chances of emerging from poverty, getting treatment for mental health or substance abuse, or any of the other root causes of homelessness increase significantly. This grant will provide the resources our clients need when they are ready to take that step.”

 The grant awarded to TEEM assists individuals through the Oklahoma County Detention Center Pretrial Release Initiative, a collaborative community program providing immediate access to community support, education, job training, legal assistance, case management services and job placement services through TEEM’s self-sufficiency and work readiness service model.

 “Creating a support and accountability system for people emerging from a period of detainment is essential for community safety and productivity. Helping fellow Oklahomans successfully reunite with their families, build self-sufficiency and connect with our community improves the quality of life for everyone,” said Kris Steele, executive director of TEEM. “This transformational grant will fund a significant portion of the case management services, programmatic assistance and employment support needed to empower participants in the pretrial release initiative to overcome barriers, make positive strides and move forward in life.”

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