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New Entrepreneurship Hub Opens to Serve as Education, Event and Work Space

The Verge OKC recently opened in Bricktown and will serve as a place of connection for new and established entrepreneurs to collaborate and work. 

The Verge OKC recently opened to serve as an entrepreneurship connection in Oklahoma City by offering a centralized space for education, curated events, flexible workspaces and a network of people and resources for entrepreneurs.

“The Verge wants to be the one-stop shop for entrepreneurs to connect to the many local business resources in the area,” said Kristin Garcia, The Verge strategic development and operations director.

The Verge also has accelerator partnerships, which offer mentorship opportunities, access to capital and connections to investors and partners, according to the organization’s news release. For established and growing businesses, the nonprofit offers incubator offices and ongoing coaching. Cortado Ventures, Inasmuch Foundation and Flourish are partners of The Verge. 

“The Oklahoma entrepreneurship ecosystem is stronger than ever, and the opening of The Verge will further bolster investment and activity in the state,” said Nathaniel Harding, Cortado Ventures managing partner. “I truly believe great things are happening here, and the third wave of venture capital is happening now in the Midcontinent region. The Verge will foster collaboration, provide resources and be a hub where innovation starts in the state. I cannot be more excited about this opportunity.” 

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