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Tips on Preparing for the Upcoming Year

Jeremie Kubicek is the author of four books about leadership, and he is the executive chairman of the OKC-based GiANT Worldwide, a leadership company certifying coaches and consultants to train and serve companies and their employees. Here, he provides advice on how to prepare for 2022.

It comes every year. Some want it, while others just go through the motions, but at midnight of every January 31, we get to count down to usher in the start of the next New Year.

According to a recent Finder survey, 74 percent of Americans made a New Year’s resolution, up 15 percent from the year before. It’s no wonder we saw an increase as we all weathered the storms of 2020 hoping for a new start. And so begins another opportunity to finish the old and begin anew – to use this holiday season to look back and plan ahead.

Several years ago, I made a conscious effort to become as intentional as possible. New Year’s planning is one of those segments, so let me help you do what I do for myself. I ask questions and allow those questions to guide me to what I want for the New Year and what I want to see change in my life.

Start with a good and thorough review. The secret to creating the future is to review your past. Now, to the questions:

What was good about 2021? Make a list of the good things that happened in 2021. Plan to thank the people who helped you with the good things on your list.

How was my schedule or calendar in 2021 and what would I want to change? Review every single meeting you had in the year and ask the question, should you have taken the meeting? If not, why did you take it?

Did you travel too much? Did you try to do too much? List it so you can alter it.

For me, I like to list my dissatisfaction, so I know what I need to accomplish. I find the dissatisfaction leads me to a clearer vision of what I want for the year ahead. It also gives me clarity around next steps.

What relationships need to be reset for the next year? Every one of us had some sort of relationship drama affect us in some way. So far as it depends on you, do you need to make things right? Do you need to apologize to anyone?

Peace with people often leads to peace with yourself, and this will help you prepare for the New Year in a healthy way.

What positives do you need to renew for a New Year? Notice that I haven’t talked about goals. This review process will get you ready for your goal setting.

First, look back. Clear the air, review your calendar, list what went right, scrub your calendar, rebuild relationships and set the tone for a healthy view of 2022. Do these things and you will be set up to not be the majority of people who fail their New Year’s resolutions in the first two months.

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