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What benefit does it bring to OKC to have businesses led with purpose?

Three Oklahoma City leaders who work with the nonprofit community weigh in on why it benefits the metro to have businesses and leaders strive for more than just profits.

Vonnie Garner

Bank of Oklahoma Vice President and Senior Regional Community Relations Manager

Illustration by Lillian Meador

“Working for a company that puts community at the forefront and makes certain that their employees know the importance of giving back strengthens the entire city by providing a workforce that is knowledgeable about the needs of others during tough times. It also gives the employees a reason to be proud: Proud of themselves, their teammates and their leadership for helping others and providing their employees the means to do so. At Bank of Oklahoma, one of our core values is to ‘actively advance the communities we serve,’ and I am so thankful that our leadership stays true to this and is constantly encouraging us as employees and citizens to work together to make OKC a better place to live.”

Kelley Barnes

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Vice President of Community Engagement

Illustration by Lillian Meador

“Purpose is everything! When businesses go beyond providing products or service to make an investment in their staff and communities, the result can be transformational. Businesses create value by investing in our community — supporting our schools, charitable organizations, and civic life.

A purpose-led business provides a rallying cry for employees resulting in increased optimism, resiliency and hope, which translates to better health, productivity and a satis ed workforce that stays longer. Everyone wins!”

Jeremiah Matthew Davis

Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center Director

Illustration by Lillian Meador

“One of the defining features of Oklahoma City is the impressive volume of organizations built upon a clear mission. The collective impact of so many entities leading with purpose creates a place where people want to live, work and build community together — Oklahoma City’s dramatic growth over the past decade is resounding proof of this assertion. At Oklahoma Contemporary, our mission is to encourage artistic expression in all its forms through education, exhibitions and performance. This purpose guides each choice we make, serving as a clarion call to action every day of the week. The benefit? Like so many firms in our community, our work drives the ongoing economic and cultural renaissance of Oklahoma City, perpetuating this virtuous cycle for generations to come.”

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